Sometimes its ok not to be ok.

02/23/2021 5 By Lisa
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December 11th 2019

On one of those rare moments I have some me time. Sat in a lovely cafe this afternoon with a hot chocolate and nachos doing some reading.

I can feel my emotions coming back. I am getting less and less numb as the weeks go on which I am taking as a good sign I am beginning to process everything.

Finding out about my brca 1 gene mutation ag 27 is a blessing as being forewarned is being forarmed. However having to make these decisions now is hard. It’s not little decisions, these decisions affect my life in many different ways, they all come with pros and cons and potential life long implications.

Trying to focus on just the double mastectomy and reconstruction at the moment. That will be the first surgery that will happen. Still waiting on my referral through for the breast surgeons. Still have no idea even after reading this what option I will go for. Hoping i will know more after my consultation.

I’m a positive person, and there are positives to see from this situation. But I need to remember that sometimes it’s ok to not be ok. And sometimes things are just shit. But even with that we need to keep on keeping on.

BRCAnt keep me down!

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