About Me!

About Me!

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa and I am a BRCA mutant and previvor.

I am a proud Mum to a crazy wee girl called Emma. I have incredible friends and family and I live in a beautiful coastal town in Scotland.

I found out on the 15th of November that I have a BRCA 1 gene mutation. I have been travelling through this crazy BRCA journey and began writing an Instagram blog @my_brca1. Through this blog I met some very inspiring and motivating BRCA mutants.

Then on the 30th of September, Previvor day, I became a previvor myself. I have a double masectomy and reconstruction.

Making my way through the crazy journey of BRCA and connecting with others through my blog made me realise what little emotional support is out there for us mutants. So, I wanted to start a podcast to raise awareness and speak to other mutants about their journeys and speak to their loved ones about their thoughts, feelings and difficulties supporting someone with a BRCA mutation.

My hope is that it provides some much needed support and encouragement for those going through the more difficult parts of their journey. I hope it raises awareness and allows those without a mutation a little insight of what living with BRCA is like and provide some much needed support to the supporters.

I love hearing the different experiences and outlooks on life with a BRCA mutation and I love being able to share mine too.

Enjoy x