Decisions decisions decisions

02/22/2021 0 By Lisa


December 6th 2019

This little girl is my absolute world. Throughout all my processing all my decision are fueled by her.

The decisions faced with this knowledge are not decisions I ever thought I would be facing at 27 years old. They affect my future in ways I previously took for granted.

But what they also do, is ensure that I am around for this angel. That’s why for me, with this knowledge it’s a no brainer the route I shall take. Everyone is different but I cant even think of any alternative route.
The preventative surgeries will ensure that I am around and as healthy as I can be for this little girl. To be in her world for as long as I possibly can, for she is my entire world.

The decisions I face in terms of the surgeries come with their own complications and additional factors, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of the hardest things to process is the time element. I know I am lucky that I know now and get the chance to act before it’s too late and that I have time to make these decisions, I don’t know if I want that time. I don’t want to risk waiting too long, being the exception, or living with the anxiety.
I need to be here for her. Just as much as I need her.

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