The beginning…

02/20/2021 0 By Lisa
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December 1st 2019

So this is it! Where it all starts. With this tiny little gene mutation which has managed to turn my world upside down.

On friday the 15th of november I got the call to say I was positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation. As much as I had tried to prepare for the news, I dont think you really can. My world stopped, and yet went into super drive at the same time.

I had my appointment with my genetics counsellor yesterday to ask questions and go through my options. My referrals have been made to the breast surgeons and gynecologists. My journey with this has begun, and yet had begun when I was conceived.

I have started this page to document my journey with the hope that it will help me process, link me with other BRCA people, and help others along the way.

BRCAnt hold me down! 🙌

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